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Class IV hitches are very similar to Class III hitches except for the weight ratings.

Class IV hitches are Weight Carrying (WC) and Weight Distributing (WD) hitches depending on the vehicle and hitch specifications. Not all Class IV hitches are rated to be both. The hitch specifications will alert you to a hitch that is not weight distributing.

Class IV hitches used as Weight Carrying are rated up to 10,000 lbs. Gross Trailer Weight (WCGTW) with a maximum trailer Tongue Weight (WCTW) of 1,000 lbs. Hitches that are used for weight distributing are rated up to 14,000 lbs. Weight Distributing Gross Trailer Weight (WDGTW) with a maximum trailer Weight Distributing Tongue Weight (WDTW) of 1,400 lbs.

Class IV hitches attach to the vehicle frame only.

What are Gooseneck Hitches?
Gooseneck hitches are used in pickup trucks in the same way as a 5th wheel hitch. The difference is that a gooseneck hitch uses a ball & coupler instead of a kingpin & pin receiver.

What Can I Tow With A Gooseneck Hitch?
Gooseneck hitches are used to tow various loads, such as horse trailers and other agricultural trailers. Gooseneck hitches usually have a maximum weight capacity of 25,000 or 30,000 lbs. You should purchase a gooseneck hitch with a towing capacity that exceeds your trailer.

What are Fifth Wheel Hitches?
Fifth Wheel Hitches are a special class of hitch which mounts over or forward of the rear axle of your truck.
The vehicle being towed has a king pin on the end of the trailer which fits into the specially designed notch on the Fifth Wheel Hitch.

What Can I Tow with a Fifth Wheel Hitch?
Fifth Wheel Hitches are commonly used to haul RV's and livestock trailers. Fifth Wheel Hitches have a maximum weight capacity they can tow.

You can use a Fifth Wheel if your truck bed is at least 6 foot or longer. Draw-Tite recommends mounting the fifth wheel 52" from the cab of your truck to the center of the Fifth Wheel Hitch.


Class III tow bar, for use with towed vehicles up to 5000 lbs

Easy-folding, self-aligning, self-storing tow bar mounts to vehicle base plate

Automatically locks into towing position

Detaches with only two pins

Hitch Balls

Ball Mounts

Specialty Ball Mounts

Tail Light Converters

Electrical Connectors

Brake Controllers

Fifth Wheel & Gooseneck Wiring

Electrical Adapters







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